beautiful stranger
being a person is getting too complicated.
time to be a unicorn.




kaistal au - ghost heart

there’s a boy. there’s a beautiful boy she’s never seen before in the old abandoned house across the street. this beautiful, dark boy with haunted eyes who makes her heart thrash in her chest like a trapped animal. he’s so alluring and lovely, she almost feels possessed by him, like he’s living in her bones, scratching at her heart, his voice ringing in her ears like a distant echo.
but see, this beautiful boy of hers has just one flaw. her beautiful boy is dead. and after this - after him.. she might be, too.


werk it




sekaistal || jeguk high au || b&w

"…you’re in love with him, aren’t you?"

"Why else do you think I’m dating you?”

if only we could turn back time…


sekaistal || jeguk high au

It had always been the three of them, from the start. The King, The Princess, and The Joker. The world had been theirs for the taking.

Their teachers used to refer to them as the three musketeers, whispering at the back of the classroom. These days, Soojung wondered if her boys - and they would always be her boys, in her mind - even remembered she existed.