beautiful stranger
being a person is getting too complicated.
time to be a unicorn.

Never go beyond those w a l l s

We got to go back

The Maze Runner: Hahaaha I will kill all your favorite characters
The Scorch Trials: Haha I will do it again
The Death Cure: I should apologize but I will do it again and make you even more sad and kill even more characters
Books: Hahahaaha

You’ve been here 3 days, alright? I’ve been here 3 years. x

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Ever wonder which Glader would win a game of Fugitive? Find out in this awesome video from Awesomeness TV!


Am I the only one shipping them…
(Krystal waiting for Kyungsoo….)

smiley kyungstal  (´▽`ʃƪ)♡  1, 2, 3

17/ gifs of krystal ships 
  → kyungstal: gentleman soo & princess jung ♥; requested by anonymous